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The Space Detriment

The space is just a stage. The detriment is that we’re all living in it.

When a driven treasure seeker and a wilful bounty hunter find themselves on the wrong end of a deal that involves a space mafia and a superpowered crystal in which they are strong-armed to retrieve from one of the most powerful figures in the galaxy. The fate of the galaxy rests on their uncooperative hands, and if they can work out their differences in time, they might just have a chance in stopping a galaxy turmoil, and possibly, war.

The story, titled The Space Detriment, flips through the perspectives of our two main characters, Aread Sears, a defiant treasure seeker looking to quit and return back home, and Klara Onder, a bounty hunter with a personal vendetta that she has been chasing for years. Our two main characters find themselves having to work together, applying what they’ve learnt in order to overcome conflict, space battles, some bad writing, a terrible robot companion, and most importantly, their past.

The story is in the form of a web serial. Chapters, split into two parts, will be released in bite-sized reads, with new chapters published every Saturday and Wednesday.

Readers shouldn’t have to worry much about the language of the web serial. Other than a few ‘damns’, ‘pricks’ and ‘galaxy-ridden’s, the story doesn’t contain much from the explicit cookbook of words, and should expect a safe journey from here.

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